2016-17 Catalogue

Spring has been very busy for Shibui Bonsai. We had a trade table at Canberra Bonsai Society show and supplied more stock for Bonsai North West spring show in Melbourne at the start of November. Our local Albury Wodonga Bonsai Society staged exhibitions at both Albury Show and Myrtleford show.

Now that spring is over I have finally managed to find time to take photos of the trees on the sales tables and get them up on the Catalogue page. No descriptions yet this time but I think you can probably get a pretty good idea of the trees from the pictures. Just email neil@shibuibonsai.com.au if you need more info on any of the trees featured.


Spring flowering – Crab Apple

Spring seems to have started slowly here at Shibui Bonsai. Lots of rain keeping temps a little lower than usual but the trees have responded to the warmth and started to grow.

Here’s a photo of my one and only crab apple bonsai taken today.

Crab apple September 2016

Crab apple September 2016

It is not actually a very good bonsai usually but when it flowers in spring the display draws the eyes away from any other problems.

Flowers in this variety are followed by tiny apples that eventually mature to yellow fruit.


Late winter is typically busy at Shibui Bonsai. Trees in the grow beds must be dug, pruned and assessed. The best are potted up for you to purchase. Others are replanted to continue developing. A few that don’t look like measuring up are consigned to the scrapheap. Continue reading

Autumn pine work

The new shoots on Black pines have matured so it is time to thin out all the new shoots that have grown since decandling.

It is important to know that this is part of the technique used to REFINE MATURE pines. Younger, developing pines should be allowed to grow freely to gain strength and size and cut back hard every couple of years. Decandling is used to ramify the branches on trees that are closer to being mature bonsai. Continue reading