Canberra 2015

We had a great weekend at Canberra and were well looked after by the locals again. Sales were brisk on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning so there was not much left for those who came on Sunday

Shibui sales at Canberra

A much depleted Shibui sales on Sunday morning at Canberra Bonsai Show

but there’s still plenty of great trees available on our sales benches. Continue reading

Advanced tridents for sale

The shibui bonsai collection has been gradually expanding over the past 20 years. It has now reached the stage where even I have to admit I have too many trees to look after properly. The dilemma is which ones to sacrifice. I have grown nearly all my bonsai from seed or cuttings so they all have a great deal of history and personal meaning for me. Last winter I lined all the trident maples up and had a critical look at them and found that I have quite a few that are similar. That helped to make a decision though it is no less painful. In the end I have decided to allow these 2 trees to go to new homes and give someone else some enjoyment. If you’d like more details or photos of either of these please drop an email –

Trident maple. About 20 years from seed. Trunk diameter just above the roots =  10 cm. Height =  36 cm. Current spread =  31 cm. Visible nebari = 20 cm. $950.00.trident $950

Trident maple. About 15 years from seed. Trunk diameter just above the roots =  8 cm. Height =  43 cm. Current spread =  33 cm. Visible nebari = 17 cm. $900.00

Trident maple $900

Trident maple $900