Late winter is typically busy at Shibui Bonsai. Trees in the grow beds must be dug, pruned and assessed. The best are potted up for you to purchase. Others are replanted to continue developing. A few that don’t look like measuring up are consigned to the scrapheap.

This winter was very wet so it was difficult to find days dry enough to dig and prune but  it is all finally done.

New trees potted up

blog 2016 8 1

These trees will need several months to grow new roots before they will be able to survive shipping to customers. I’m happy to take early orders but won’t be sending any of these out until November at the earliest. generally the junipers (right at the end of the bench in this photo)  take even longer to re-establish in the pots.

After getting all the existing trees out I needed a run of several dry days to get the soil dry enough to prepare the beds for planting – more delays…… but eventually we had a couple of consecutive days without actual rain and I was able to get in to renovate the beds.

Tridents replanted in the grow beds

blog 2016 8 2

Spare spaces are filled with younger seedlings to begin another generation of Shibui Bonsai pre-bonsai trunks.

blog 2016 8 3


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    • Hi Judith, Thanks for your interest in Shibui Bonsai. We are not generally open to the public. Shibui Bonsai operates as a mail order business.
      Occasionally personal visits can be arranged if our movements and workload coincide. Shibui Bonsai is located in North East Victoria, around 3 hours north of Melbourne.
      Please use our email for orders or to talk about possible visits.


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