Please click on the links below to see photos of the field grown trees we have available this year.

I have not yet added any description to the trees in the catalogues but most of you will be able to see what you want from the pictures. Email if you want further info or photos of any of the trees.

As usual, please email to check that the tree you have picked is still available because I don’t get time to update constantly.

Most Shibui Bonsai trees are shipped through Australia Post. Cost will vary for each tree depending on the size and weight. Let me know your postcode so I can advise shipping cost for each individual tree or order.

Click on the blue links to see a copy of this year’s Shibui Bonsai catalogues. Note that the Shibui Bonsai year starts in December when the new trees have developed enough roots to cope with shipping and goes right through to the following November. If you are reading this in June or July you will already have missed the pick of the crop!

2022-23 catalogues :

Chinese elms 2023 – updated Dec 2023

Prunus includes cherries and flowering plums – updated Dec 2023

Root Over Rock – updated Dec 2023

Trident maples – updated Dec 2023

Groups and multi trunk tridents – updated Dec 2023

Pines and Junipers 2022-2023 – updated January 2023

We usually have a range of less advanced pre bonsai that did not make it to the catalogues. Email to enquire about what we have that will suit your needs.

For those looking for smaller starters we can still supply 11cm pots and 15 cm pots.

Species usually available include:

Trident maple, Japanese maple, Chinese elm, Chinese juniper (shimpaku), Japanese black pine, Gingko, Port Jackson Fig. 11 cm pots from $10; 15 cm pots from $15 and up depending on age and size of the tree. More advanced specimens may also be available for some species. Prices depend on age, quality and potential as bonsai – $20 to $80.

We are always trying different species and may sometimes have limited numbers of Dawn redwood, Cotoneaster, Japanese red pine (out of stock), Mugho pine (out of stock), Euonymus sp, Pussy willow, Poncirus trifoliata, and others from time to time.

We are also experimenting with Australian Native species as bonsai. As well as the very popular Port Jackson figs we usually have small numbers of Callistemons and banksias available.

12 thoughts on “Catalogue

    • Hi Dennis, I have a few advanced shipaku junipers at the moment. I will send some pics when I am able. I’ll publish the next catalogue when the new trees have settled in to the pots and started growing roots so I know they will survive and thrive.

  1. I am responding as a member of Ausbonsai. Do you currently have any Banksia started bonsai. If so could you perhaps send a photo or two and advise the procedure for purchase. e.g. I would prefer to pay by direct debit and do you post/courier. I live in Broken Hill, N.S.W

  2. Hello Neil, James here from Canberra (Kyushu Danji on Ausbonsai). I was wondering whether you were going to release an up to date version of your catalogue for this season soon?

    Hope all is well with you.


    • Hi James, I have taken off last year’s catalogues and put up the new 2012 lists (a few months ago now). These 2012 catlogues show the trees that were dug last winter and are now settled into pots and ready for new owners to develop their full potential. Some of the Root over Rock (ROR) tridents have been sold but most of the black pines are still available.

  3. Hi Neil, do you have any Swamp cypress at the moment? I live in Wodonga and i have been trying to grow a forest arrangement of 3 swamp cypress for the last 3 years and i keep loosing one each summer in the 40deg plus heat. I water 3 times a day on these hot spells and it seems to still bake the foliage. Do you have any advice for dealing with this and do you have any trees at about 40 – 50cm to help replace the ones i have lost in the arrangement?

    • I have had difficulty propagating swamp cypress Clinton. Some growers I know keep their swampies in a tray so they sit in water most of the summer. Maybe that would help keep them going during hot summers.

  4. I am interezted in buying some of your trees the rock under trees interest me as well as some of the grove trees a price catalogue would e good also

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