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  1. Hi Margrit and Neil

    This is a fantastic website and an excellent resource for both amateur and experienced bonsai enthusiasts.


    Ian G.

  2. Neil / Margrit..

    Congratulations on your new site / Looking forward to your 30 years of experience sharing….
    Your explainations of Bonsai technicalities and advice are right up there with the best…
    Your pre starters and prices will set a bench mark for others to follow


  3. Greetings from Coffs Harbour Neil and Margrit and congratulation on a great new site. Doesn’t matter at what stage or experience you are in bonsai, it’s always great value to read your articles – so keep them coming! I certainly will keep reading and using them.
    Kind Regards

  4. I would just like to echo the other writers ^^^ and say what a fantastic site you have going
    Keep up the great work


  5. Love your work!! Looking forward to buying some pre-bonsai from you shortly.

    Also your articles are great, would love to see more of them, but obviously your quite busy out in the bonsai fields.

    Keep it up regardless!!! =)


  6. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for letting me visit your nursery at short notice today. You have a great personal collection and lots of very nice advanced bonsai starters. I can recommend that anyone wondering about purchasing your stock online will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to mark off that nice little Seiju Elm on the catalogue.
    Thanks again Paul.

    • Thanks for the comments Paul. I did not take a note of the catalogue number of that sieju elm (or many of the recently sold trees). Must be time for a quick stocktake and update the current catalogues.

  7. Hi Neil
    I will be in your area tomorrow and was interested in looking at your nursery for some new plants. Are you open as a retail outlet, and if possible can i please have your address

    Many thanks

  8. Hey Neil
    I just wanted to say a big thanks for taking the time to show me around the place a few weeks ago( i didnt get the time to say goodbye as you had other guests/customers. Margrit was really very sweet taking the time to show Tina around the garden while i looked at just about every tree! You mentioned when we where there that you could post trident Maple saplings, what would be the cost for 20 of those down to Bairnsdale? Next time we come up im bringing an empty car, it was a close call as to whether the kids would have to stay at the campsite to accomodate the two trees i purchased from you. The chinese quince has a new home in the garden, and the quince paste was yum!

    Awesome trees and hospitality

    Kind regards

  9. Hello. Can you give me a contact for the (new) native bonsai group? I heard there was one in Coburg or close by? I live close and am interested.
    Your website is great. Thanks also.

  10. hello
    I have a juniper pine in a bonsai, it has started to turn brown, I was given this as a present last year I am worried about the browning leaves what can I do I do not want it to die

    • Hi Cathy,
      it is normal for junipers to get rid of old leaves during summer. Even evergreen leaves are only good for a few years so the plant needs to grow new fresh leaves and the older ones die off. If the brown parts are far back along the branches and the ends are still healthy the tree is probably ok.
      If the leaves all over the tree, especially at the ends of branches, are going brown you do have a problem. There are several reasons your juniper might be going brown:
      1. Not enough water. I water every morning and evening to keep my bonsai properly hydrated. It only takes one day for them to get too dry. It takes a week or more for symptoms to show up so you have often forgotten that it got dry. Unfortunately by the time symptoms show up in a juniper it is usually beyond help.
      2. Too much water. Paradoxically overwatering can cause roots to rot and then the tree cannot take up water and dies from dehydration so symptoms are similar. Fortunately, with good potting mix it is really hard to over water a bonsai so I always tell beginners to water more rather than less.
      3. Mites. Tiny sucking insects could be sucking the life out of the leaves causing them to go brown. Look closely for webbing like spider webs among the leaves. Treat with an insecticide if you suspect mites or other bugs on the tree.

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