Pre bonsai and bonsai starters

All our stock is grown specifically for bonsai. Plants are root pruned from an early age to ensure you get the best possible start to a great nebari. Regular pruning produces trunks with movement and taper.

Here’s some examples of what we produce but we also grow small numbers of other species and varieties that will be suitable for bonsai. If you are after something special please ask.

Bonsai starters for sale

Starters in 11 cm plastic squat pots. These are 1-3 years old and will make great small bonsai or grow them on to produce your own larger trees.

Varieties available usually include: Trident and Japanese maples, Chinese elms (up to 5 varieties), Shimpaku juniper, Black, Red and Mugho pines, Chinese quince, Euonymus, Pussy willow, Irish Strawberry tree. Other varieties may sometimes be available. Please ask.

Starters in 15 cm pots. $12.00 each. These are 2-5 years old and have been root pruned at least once. Varieties available include: Chinese elm (4 different varieties); Trident and Japanese maples, Black pine, Chinese quince, Shimpaku juniper

Root over rock trident maples.

We grow these in a variety of sizes. Prices from $60 to $200.

We also have an ever changing range of more advanced pot grown prebonsai in a range of sizes and styles from pre wired shimpaku in 11 cm and 15 cm pots to older, pot grown black pines in 15 cm pots. Contact us to find out what’s available at the moment.

Please note that Shibui Bonsai will not be able to take orders from August 25 through to mid October. We thank you for your patience.

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