Digging Shibui field grown stock

Last weekend we hosted another Shibui field grown tree dig.

A few friends came and helped get the trees dug from the growing beds so I could prune roots and tops then assess them to see which are ready to go into pots for sale and which would be better back in the ground for another season of development. As well as working we had time to assess and refine a couple of trees I have in training. Thanks to Joe and Matt for the help again this year.

I was too busy keeping up with the enthusiastic digging team to take photos but Joe has posted an article on his blog –http://nichigobonsai.com/2012/07/30/shibui-bonsai/

I’ll try to remember to post some pics of the trees as I pot up and replant.

Root pruning and repotting

Bonsai grow in the confined space of a relatively small pot. The roots of all plants keep growing to renew the active root tips that actually do the work of absorbing watera nd nutrients. After a couple of years these constantly growing roots have so filled the spaces in the potting mix that vital air and water cannot enter the mix and the tree will not stay healthy. It is very important to repot bonsai (and indeed, all potted plants) regularly to keep them healthy. Root pruning does not keep a bonsai small. In fact just the opposite. After rootpruning and repotting in fresh mix with new nutrients and room for new roots to grow we usually see an explosion of growth for the first year. The picture in this post will give a good idea of how I root prune and repot deciduous bonsai. Continue reading