Advanced tridents for sale

The shibui bonsai collection has been gradually expanding over the past 20 years. It has now reached the stage where even I have to admit I have too many trees to look after properly. The dilemma is which ones to sacrifice. I have grown nearly all my bonsai from seed or cuttings so they all have a great deal of history and personal meaning for me. Last winter I lined all the trident maples up and had a critical look at them and found that I have quite a few that are similar. That helped to make a decision though it is no less painful. In the end I have decided to allow these 2 trees to go to new homes and give someone else some enjoyment. If you’d like more details or photos of either of these please drop an email –

Trident maple. About 20 years from seed. Trunk diameter just above the roots =  10 cm. Height =  36 cm. Current spread =  31 cm. Visible nebari = 20 cm. $950.00.trident $950

Trident maple. About 15 years from seed. Trunk diameter just above the roots =  8 cm. Height =  43 cm. Current spread =  33 cm. Visible nebari = 17 cm. $900.00

Trident maple $900

Trident maple $900

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