Autumn at Shibui Bonsai

The warm weather has gone on way longer than normal in our area this year but many of the deciduous trees at Shibui Bonsai have finally decided it is time to shut down for the winter so we finally have some colour.

Autumn colour is best with cold nights and fine sunny days so this year’s leaf colour is nowhere near as strong as usual but still worth sharing some photos with you.Please excuse the quality of these photos. They were just snapped as I walked around the nursery area yesterday.

Some of the trees at Shibui Bonsai


Shohin size Trident maple

Another Shohin trident

Japanese maple

Root over rock trident maple

Corky bark Chinese elm


You can see in the foreground that some of the tridents have already lost nearly all their leaves. Others are have not yet started and are still green.





Ginkgo have always held a fascination with those bright golden autumn colours.

You may be able to make out the ‘chichi’ growth developing on the lower trunk of this ginkgo bonsai.





The camera does not really do justice to the colour in this little maple. The combination of reds and yellows was just glowing in the afternoon sunlight.












Not as strong as usual but still a really nice dark red on this Japanese maple.






A root over rock trident under development.







This is a sacrifice branch on a really small trident in the growing phase of development. Really good health seems to enhance autumn colour.




Chinese elm are not known for strong autumn colour but the extensive ramification on this larger Corky Bark Chinese elm bonsai shows of the yellows quite well.




Finally, here is one of the more advanced trident maples I currently have on the sale bench.

Trident maple

This one has not had any shade during summer so some of the leaves are a little burnt which means it is not showing autumn to its full potential. Note the nebari on this one – well placed, right round the trunk and very natural looking.

Shibui Bonsai also has plenty of other deciduous pre bonsai for those who want to start with slightly advanced trees Catalogue page  and an extensive range of smaller starters at reasonable prices.

email to discus your bonsai needs.


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