Callistemon update

A couple of weeks ago I showed you how I repotted my Callistemon sieberii bonsai.

Despite removing quite a lot of roots this tree has just continued to grow without any apparent setback. The shoots that were left intact have continued to grow and will need trimming soon.



New buds have formed from the leaf axils on all shoots that were trimmed.





New buds have also emerged from older, bare wood on the branches





and even on much older areas. These are near the base of the trunk.





I think you can see here that summer repotting seems to suit these trees.

You may also recall that this tree went back to its normal display space, in full sun, straight after repotting. Since then we’ve had a few really hot days, some rain and some cooler than normal days. I have not found that trees need extra protection or shade after repotting. In my experience, bonsai seem to do better after repotting if they are placed somewhere similar to the area they are used to. Adequate sunlight helps the tree recover from both root and shoot reduction.

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