Wagga Wagga bonsai

The Wagga Wagga bonsai Society has contacted me to let everyone know that they are putting on a 10 day exhibition to promote bonsai in their region. The display opens on Thursday November 12 2015 at Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and runs through to Sunday November 22. Free entry and, as a bonus, the Wagga Wagga Potters club is also part of the exhibition.

If you are within reach of Wagga during that week go along and have a look. 11 days is a long time for bonsai inside. I’m told that the display will be closed on Monday 16th so they can water and work on any trees that need trimming, etc so make sure you are not traveling a long way to get there on the Monday.

And that’s not all! Grant Bowie has been booked to run a workshop on Sunday November 15th followed by a demonstration in the afternoon. You can come and see some of the techniques and ideas that go into developing really great bonsai. Observers are free so you can just turn up at E33 art space on Sunday and see what its all about.


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