We’re back!

All the new trees are now pruned and in pots.
The new tridents have all sprouted and are busy growing new roots in their pots.

This year I will have more great Root over Rock tridents available for sale.

Root over Rock pre-bonsai trident maples

Root over Rock pre-bonsai trident maples

It will still be a month or so before they have enough roots to cope with the posties’ gentle handling but if you see something you just have to have, let me know and I can put it on hold until it is ready to travel.

Most of the Chinese elms have budded up but some are slower than others and may take a little longer to get enough roots to cope with shipping.mark chinese elms 2
I will work on new catalogues whenever I get some time and hope to have them up sometime in November but if you have anything specific in mind I’m happy to try to find the right tree for you beforehand so feel free to contact me and give me some details – species, height, shape, price range, etc.

There are also a few new black pines this year (behind the root over rock tridents in the first picture) but they generally recover much slower from root pruning so I would not expect them to be ready for sale for a couple of months yet.

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  1. Hey very interested in more ROR maples the last 2 I recieved from you are going great, can’t wait for the catalogue. I’m looking at getting some larger trees when available.

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