Australian Native Bonsai Symposium

The 2015 national syposium will be held for the first time in Melbourne. Registrations for the seminar have closed but there is also a display of Australian Natives as Bonsai which will be open to the public.

I will be in Melbourne April 11 and 12 to attend this symposium. Already some clients have asked me to bring down stock for sale or delivery. If you’ve been looking at some of the trees in the catalogue and wondering what they really look like here’s a good opportunity. I’m happy to bring down trees for you to inspect – no obligation to purchase if you’re not completely satisfied. Just let me know which trees you are interested in. I currently have a few larger azaleas in poly boxes and 30 cm pots that were collected prior to garden renovations.

For the native bonsai enthusiasts I have a range of banksias, callistemon and other natives species in 10 and 15 cm pots and a few larger trees either field grown or collected. Please email if you think you might be interested.

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