Black pine cuttings – update

There were roots out the bottom of some of the Japanese black pine cutting pots so it was time to check on progress.

These were cuttings taken from juvenile growth from the seedlings that germinated last spring. See previous posts for more details. Some of the seedlings these were taken from were tall enough to get several cuttings from the stems rather than just tip cuttings. Both stem and tip cuttings have rooted well. In this trial I tested the efficacy of different hormone applications. 2 pots were treated as normal with rootexG. The third batch was given a foliar spray of RootexL (1part rootexL: 2 parts water). Proportion of rooted cuttings does not appear to be significantly different but The rootex G treated ones appear to have produced roots quicker and have produced more substantial roots at this stage.


Roots are trimmed at transplant to stimulate further root ramification
Potted into individual 11 cm pots

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