Maple groups

Some people refer to these as forest style bonsai. Groups can look really great even when they are made up with quite young seedlings.

These groups were put together last winter from seedlings I dug from our garden beds. Already they have recovered and put on masses of new shoots and plenty of growth. Now they are ready for some detailed pruning to simplify the structure.

trident group 20-1 $200 (24 trunks)

Prices reflect a rate of around $10 per tree in the group.

trident group 20-4 $180

All these starter groups are in nursery seedling trays that measure 35cm x 29cm x 6cm and could be transferred to an appropriate sized ceramic tray next winter or allowed to develop a bit longer in the current tray.

This year I have also started a couple of Japanese maple groups. Only 2 available.

JM group 20-10 $100

Please see the groups catalogue on Shibui Bonsai catalogue page or download the file below.

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