Wodonga show

My local club is Albury Wodonga Bonsai Society. For a few years now we have put on a non competitive display of our trees at the Wodonga show held in March each year. It is a good opportunity to show what we do and lift the profile of bonsai in our community.

Due to all sorts of difficulties we were not sure if this year’s display would happen but finally got the green light late on Friday for a Saturday morning start.

shohin stand with an azalea on the right and a cascade juniper on the left.
trident group
mame sized cotoneaster
mame trident maple and slightly larger azalea

Aussie natives did not miss out. We had a couple of ficus rubiginosas, a banksia, Kunzea parvifolia and a leptospermum – species unknown


Thanks to the club members who contributed trees and those who spent the day watching or interacting with people who came by.

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